Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dress Like Kate

You know how I love to give you all my Kate inspired finds for you to achieve the perfect Kate look. Well today I spotted on Net-a-Porter a beautiful silver gown very similar to the Silver Gray Issa dress Kate was seen wearing in 2009 to the Starlight Children's Foundation charity ball. Take a look for yourself. The Halston Heritage dress doesn't come cheap (£290) but it is cheaper than buying an Issa dress (RRP between £600 and £1500). If you want more style steals check out Kate Style Princess. The book doesn't just look at Kate's style - it's full of other information too!

Pippa and Carole dress the same...but so does Kate!

The Daily Mail newspaper today showed pictures of Kate's sister Pippa and Carole out and about shopping in London both wearing similar style clothes. But Pippa isn't the only Middleton who takes inspiration from her mother. On many ocassion Kate has been seen wearing similar things to her Mum and vice versa! In my Kate Style Princess I have dedicated a small section to Carole and Kate and their style inspirations!

Kate gets a lot of her good looks and sophisticated style from Carole. They both love to wear soft tailored jackets and neat coats all year around, traditional country casuals in the day and jaw dropping, vibrant gowns for the evening. Nex time you want to know what Kate (or Pippa) is going to be wearing, you had better check that Carole hasn't been seen in it first.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Kate jacket on a budget: Now lunch with Camilla...

Who loved the camel coloured jacket Katw wore to lunch with Camilla? Well if you have £160 to spare (well it was reduced from £225) then head to LK Bennett to purchase this lovely jacket! Sizes 6, 8 and 14 left.

Could this be Kate's Wedding Dress?

Spotted on Net-a-Porter a beautiful Alexander McQueen wedding dress with the hemline exactly how I envisaged Kate's dress to look on the big day! Even if this isn't the dress I do hope the hemline is like this!
 This is a picture of my freinds wedding dress - I would like a combination of the two for Kate's dress! It's hard to see in these pictures but her dress had a similar hemline but was covered slightly by material - so much less risque for a royal wedding.