Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Hanging up the fascinator, boxing up the LK Bennett wedges and signing off blogger

Dear Kate Middleton: Style Stealer followers

I have decided to stop writing my blog. I've had a brilliant time researching and sourcing outfits, but unfortunatley I just can't find the time to write regular posts, and I don't think this is fair on my readers. Thank you to every single person who has read and interacted with me on my blog. I want to say a special thank you to Charlotte (hrhduchesskate) for her support and for including my blog on her blogroll. She does a great segment on her blog - RepliKate - which is a similar concept to this blog, and I hope she does a few more of these post....! I'll continue to follow other Kate blogs and follow her fashion choices very closely, and one day I hope I might get to update my book Kate Style Princess to incorporate all the fabulous outfits she has worn from her wedding onwards.

P.s I have a fab book coming out in November - it's called 'Where's Mo?' and it's a little like Where's Wally/Waldo? but it's Mo Farah and you have to find him in sporting events around Britain (like outside Buckingham Palace). You won't be surprised to learn that there are cartoons of Kate and Wills and other members of the royal family to find in the book (including a corgi!) too. It would make a great Christmas gift, so look it up on Amazon if it interests you.

Thanks again.


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Styling Kate Middleton: Drinks in a Swanky Bar, London

As promised, here is my second post on styling Kate.

For anyone who didn't read my post yesterday, I've decided to pretend to be Kate's stylist over this bank holiday weekend. I have an unlimited budget, and pretty much any thing goes. Please see yesterday's post for a more detailed description and to check out my post on styling Kate for a red carpet event/awards ceremony.

Today, I have decided to style Kate for a night out in a swanky London bar. I have also decided to do one for Pippa. Although they both share a similar style, when it comes to clothing, Pippa has a more French-feel about her style and she is a little more playful. But, you want be surprised to learn I have put one of the items as the same thing!

Look 1


Kate Middleton Style, inspired by Issa


I love this dress. It's fun, sexy, classy and definitely not trashy. The hem-line is perfect.  It's quite similar to the sequined black dress Kate is wearing in the picture, but it's a brighter and in a more youthful colour. I've kept the outfit modern by teaming with metallic accessories, but I have thought about Kate's wardrobe. The shoes aren't too dissimilar to the LK Bennett nude shoes, but they are more fun and add a touch of modern for a night out. The bag is glitzy, again similar to ones Kate has worn before, especially by Anya Hindmarch, but it can be worn as a handbag or a clutch.

Wear with:

Hair: Down, loose and tussled.
Make-up: Black eye-liner, bronze blusher, a natural-looking tan, and nude lips
Nails: French manicure
Jewellery: A fancy watch or silver bangle


Before becoming a member of the royal family, Kate was often seen in Boujis wearing some really fun outfits. I'm sure in her student days, she wore a few glitzy outfits for nights out, too. Also, for charity Kate has been known to wear some very funky sequined hot pants!!

Where to buy:

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg £1,130 netapoter.com
Bag: Jimmy Choo £495 netapoter.com
Shoes: Jimmy Choo £395 netaporter.com

Look 2


Pippa Middleton Style inspired by Issa


I love Oscar De La Renta, they are one of my favourite designers, but it's a mega expensive brand. When I saw this dress, I instantly thought of Pippa, which is why I decided to include her in this post. It's perfect for Pippa: fun, frilly, waist-detailing, good length. The bag and shoes are modern, fun and playful, and they turn the outfit from evening wear to 'drinks in a swanky bar' wear.

Wear with:

Hair: down in loose tussles
Make-up: Black eye-liner, bronze blusher, a subtle brown lipstick, a natural-bronzed tan
Nails: Black nail polish
Jewellery: none, the bag is the main accessory


Pippa is fun and flirty, and this outfit definitely has these elements. It's got that je ne sais quoi that normally only the French can get away with. The lip handbag proves some youthfulness to quite a class frock, and it makes the whole outfit age-perfect for Pippa. I picked the same shoes as the ones I picked out for Kate's outfit - very much for the same reasons. This outfit has something very Sarah Jessica Parker about it, but I think on Pippa she can definitely get away with it and turn it into something very unique.

Where to buy:

Dress: Oscar De La Renta £2,950 netapoter.com
Bag: Charlotte Olympia £345 netaporter.com
Shoes: Jimmy Choo £395 netaporter.com

Which outfit do you prefer? Who is most likely to wear the outfit? Don't forget to let me know your reactions!!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Styling Kate Middleton: Red Carpet Event/Awards Ceremony

Hi Style Stealers!

It's the bank holiday, so I thought I would take time out to do a few new blog posts. I've had a think about what I would like to post about over this weekend, and I've decided to do something a bit different and fun (hopefully for you, the readers, too). There will not be any styles to steal today (unless you have an unlimited budget). However, there will be ideas for you to think about applying to your own wardrobe.

So, what's this new idea I hear you shout!! Well, I have decided to pretend to be Kate's stylist, who has been tasked with dressing Kate for various functions. This could have been a very easy task - looking at Kate's favourite designers, including Issa, Temperley, McQueen, picking something royal appropriate,  being frugal, and then just picking a dress by them. But I thought I would have a little more fun with these few posts. There is an unlimited budget, somethings are not typically Kate and some designers are not British. I wanted to take Kate a little way out from her comfort zone and imagine she isn't restricted by her royal status as much.

Today, I will be dressing Kate for a red carpet event or an awards ceremony.

Look 1

Kate Middleton Style
The moment I saw this dress, I fell in love with it. The back - it's main feature, in my opinion - is simply exquisite and the bow detail at the front is the perfect finishing touch. It exudes glamour.
The clutch is delicate enough not to distract from the dress, but works as a very eye-catching accessory - the ultimate evening combination. The shoes won't really be visible under the floor-sweeping dress, but will tease through with every step, offering just enough detail to perfectly coordinate with the rest of the outfit.

Wear with:
Hair: tied up
Make-up: Black eyeliner essential, pink blush, bronzer for a glow, and nude lips
Nails: french manicure and pedicure
Jewellery: simple stud earring

The reason why I think Kate would look amazing in this dress is because of the bow detail. It sits right on the waistline, which would enhance and elongate Kate's slim figure, while creating curves. Plus, we all know Kate loves waist detailing. The dress is also reminiscent of the Alexander McQueen dress Kate wore to the Military Awards, so surely it would be a winner.

Where to buy:
Dress: Burberry Prorsum £2,195 netaporter.com
Clutch: Stella McCartney £1,335 netaporter.com
Shoes: Diane von Fustenburg £199.56 saksfifthavenue.com

Kate Middleton at the Military Awards dress in McQueen.

Look 2

Kate Middleton Style
I love the colour of this dress, and that's mainly why I chose it. The design is siren worthy, the silhouette reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour, mostly due to the tail of the dress,  and the crimson colour radiates all around. Like the Burberry dress, there will only be hints of the shoe, so a simple strappy silver sandal will suffice. This also keeps eyes firmly on the dress. Tuck the strap into the bag, to create a clutch, to add a modern touch to an otherwise vintage inspired dress.

Wear with:

Hair: a loose bun
Make-up: very light and natural because the dress is very dramatic (for Hollywood stars, red lipstick is a must)
Nails: French manicure and pedicure
Jewellery: none because of the silver accessories

Again, this dress is reminiscent of the McQueen design, but this time because of the strapless design, so I think Kate would like it. I also think the colour red really suits Kate's skin tone and hair colour, and this is the perfect shade for her. This dress is also cinched in at the waist.

Wear to buy:

Dress: Zac Posen £4,395 netaporter.com
Clutch: Jimmy Choo £495 netaporter.com
Shoes: Jimmy Choo £350 netaporter.com

Please let me know what you think of these designs. Do you think Kate would approve, or have I had too much fun creating these looks? What kind of style would you like to see Kate wear on the red carpet? What has been your favourite look? 

Don't forget to vote stole it, steal want, steal fail on the 'reactions' bar below!

Tomorrow: Evening drinks with Pippa Middleton

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kate Middleton's Style Gets Olympic Gold

Wow! We have been seeing a lot of Kate recently! London is buzzing, Great Britain has gone wild with excitement and Kate has been right at the heart of it all, experiencing the Olympic highs and lows. I have to say, despite not being a big sports enthusiast, I've become completely wrapped up in nearly every single event. While I know the Olympics isn't really about fashion, it doesn't mean it has to ignored completely.

As fashion editor Melanie Rickey pointed out, Lizzie Armistead's pearl earrings, which she wore to complete the 140km cycling road race, caused quite a stir, and Sanya Azealia went one better with interlocked Cs of Chanel for her ear adornment. Not only that, but Melanie pointed out that Sanya's most impressive fashion statement was her Banks-esque mermaid hair she wore very long and loose.I couldn't agree more.

All this leads me nicely on to Kate. I love how she has embraced Olympic fashion. For starters, there has been all the official Olympic gear, including red Adidas trainers!, and secondly there has been those pretty dresses, including the Stella McCartney dress worn for it's second outing, but lastly, it's all been very patriotic: red, white and blue.

Personally, I love Kate's casual style. In fact, I would go as far as saying it's probably when I think Kate looks her prettiest; it's just so natural. In particular, I love her casual look worn with her hair up. Don't get me wrong, her hair is to die for, but when she wears it up you can actually see her face properly; it just suits her.

My fav looks have been the stripey top, spotty top and white polo shirt with hair tied back.

A few of Kate's outfits have been accessible for us mere mortals, including the Zara blazer, but here are a few more inspirations for you in case you want some alternatives.

Glamorous top from HOF £12.50
LK Bennett Mac wedges £55

Mango red jacket £54.99

Twiggy jeggins from Marks and Spencer £25

Gap stiped crewneck top £24.95

Whistles Edie spotty top £55

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics, wherever you may be.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Kate Middleton, Stella McCartney, the Olympics and a Steal

How gorgeous did the Duchess look yesterday in the Stella McCarteny 3/4 length sleeve Olympian blue crepe shift dress? Some people are claiming that this was Kate's most fashion-forward outfit to date. I'd have to disagree. While on trend and chic (Stella is a very popular go-to designer amongst fashionista's; you only have to look at her spotty illusion dress), it was still a very conservative, demure style. It was also very 'Kate' - the cinched in waist, the hem-line, covered up arms.....It also had a whopping price tag: £515.

I like some of Stella's designs; they're laid-back chic, crisp but there are other designer labels I would prefer to see Kate wear. However, the dress looked fantastic on the Duchess, especially teamed with the timeless Prada footwear. What's more, Stella is the official designer for the British Olympic kit, so it was really a great outfit choice by the Duchess.


I like the look, and I also believe it's such a simple design to emulate and incorporate into your own wardrobe, so I've had a nosey around the Internet to bring you a brand new style steal!

My number one choice is this lovely dress by Closet - sold through Dorothy Perkins. It comes in at only £45.

Brandalley, the online outlet retailer, is selling Closet clothes very cheap at the moment. Closet is a great label to go to if you are looking for dresses with tell-tale Kate features (waist-detailing, tailored) that are cheap. 

Second up is a stunning dress from Whistles. The Camille jersey dress is a little dearer than Closet and comes in at £95. I think the Whistles dress is a little closer to the mark, but it's also more expensive, and I'm conscious of the fact I often offer quite expensive alternatives to Kate's outfits.

Don't forget to team your dress with black courts and a gold neckless, and don't forget to let me know what you think of the alternatives by rating below. Tick the box that most applies!

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Kate Middleton in Matthew Williamson

I think we all remember the customised Matthew Williamson dress Kate wore to the African Cats premiere, well it's available on net-a-porter and has almost sold out (even with a £1000 price tag)!

It's safe to say that this is out of most peoples price range, but never fear, I have found an alternative!

Why not try this Almari dress on for size? It's only £65 and is a very versatile, sophisticated little number, which can be worn in summer or winter (with a tailored jacket).

To make some impact, like Kate, add some turquoise to the outfit by investing in this J. Crew neckless. It's £120, but it is 18-karat gold-plated and can be worn with lots of other outfits.

Team with some navy or black courts and matching clutch for the ultimate sleek clutch!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Kate Middleton's Style: The Suede Jacket

The moment I saw pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge stepping out in a brown suede jacket at the Golden Metropolitan Polo Club Charity Cup polo match in June this year, I instantly fell in love with it. It's on trend - bomber style and cropped with a detailed design - versatile and an investment.

As far as I am aware, the jacket has not been identified, but it is reminiscent of a couple of designs by Ralph Lauren, Lot78 (Pippa Middleton has been spotted wearing one of their designs, I think) and the new Burberry A/W13 collection ( denied by their PR team). It could, however, be a McQueen design; we all know Kate loves a high-end, long-lasting jacket.

Any how, I have been on the hunt for a similar design on the high street at an affordable price. I have three options for you. The first is a jacket by the high street chain Zara. It comes in at £99.99.

The second jacket is from Revolution clothing. It costs $147.00.

The last option isn't brown,but it is a gorgeous autumnal shade of red. It's also the most expensive at £330 (reduced from £825) and designed by Lot78. If I had £330 this would be my A/W investment.

Happy shopping and Kate style hunting! Don't forget to rate whether you want to steal the style, have stolen the style, or if the style isn't for you.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Kate in Emilia Wickstead... but get the look for less!

When the Duchess of Cambridge wore a £1200 Emilia Wickstead dress to a garden party at Buckingham Palace with Camilla, everyone did a double take. Not just because Kate looked exquisite but because she had worn that dress just 11 days before, at a lunch for sovereign monarchs at Windsor Castle with Prince William. Either way, I thought it was great to see the dress again, and for me it is one of my favourite Kate outfits. The pink colour really complimented Kate's brunette hair and brought out her eyes.

Today, I bring you another style stealer and this time it really is a bargain. Not many people have £1200 lying around in their bank account, but most people - although not all - can stretch to £29.99. Now, as you know, I love Kate Middleton's style, but as I have said time and time again, sometimes just emulating Kate's style is enough, you don't need to be a Kate clone. So, when I saw this dress in the Zara sale I instantly thought of Kate. It has a structured shoulder design feature, long-sleeves, appropriate length and it is in that gorgeous shade of vintage dusky-pink, but it doesn't have the pleats, so you won't look like a Kate clone. What are you waiting for... grab a bargain and thank me later ;) Don't forget to team with nude courts ala Kate and not heavy black shoes ala Zara model!

*Update: Practise what you preach! I popped to Zara this afternoon and look what I found... This is a bit big for me, it should be fitted around the waist more, so I will search for a size smaller.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Kate Middleton at Wimbledon

Wimbledon began today, and as well as eating plenty of strawberries, it also means a new outfit surely! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are huge fans of the tennis and have been spotted at Wimbledon a couple of times over the years. 

Last year, Kate, a huge fan of the game, wore what looked to be a triple-decker tennis skirt – in fact, it was a £795 Alice Temperley dress – teamed with LK Bennett nude court shoes.Within half an hour of her appearance, the frock, reduced to £395 in the summer sale, had sold out on the designer's website.

In 2008, Kate also opted for white. 
The year before, Kate wore a beautiful shade of red, which looks very similar to the red Hobbs dress Pippa wore to Wimbledon in 2011.

If you are thinking about heading to Wimbledon this year, or just fancy dressing up like you are going, then here are some Duchess-esq dresses (links to websites in the caption). Remember to team them with a sophisticated tailored jacket (in case it rains) and some nude court shoes or wedge sandals. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see Kate at the tennis and she can spark another shopping frenzy!

Zara Frilly Dress £49.99
Dorothy Perkins Red Crepe Midi Dress £32
Ted Baker Kipp Dress £129

I would wear this black Hobbs dress.

NW3 Birch Tier Dress £139

 It is also available in white.

I would team the dress with the Smyhtson Emily bag (£417 reduced from £695) and a pair of LK Bennett shoes, like the Andie Shoe in black (£110) with a pair of nude sheer tights (so the outfit doesn't look wintery).
Enjoy the tennis ... and the shopping!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Kate Middleton loves summer holidays and that white bikini

Summer has technically arrived, although we seem to be lacking in sunshine in the UK. Nonetheless, we are now in to the summer months, and it's that time of year when lots of us go on holiday. I haven't got a summer holiday planned this year, but I'm hoping to catch to some sun in October. This hasn't stopped me thinking about what bikinis I'd like to wear/own and doing some browsing online. There are lots of gorgeous bikinis and swimming costumes out there, and I have a couple of favourite which I will share with you in this post. However, I thought all you Kate fans would like some Middleton inspiration.

In 2006, Kate was papped on holiday with William enjoying some summer sun on a yacht.She was photographed in a gorgeous, and very revealing, white bikini. Who wouldn't opt for this style and colour if you had a bikini body like Kate. I don't want to reproduce the photo, so here is a link to Kate in her bikini: Cosmopolitan. After some careful searching, here are my favourite white halterneck bikinis with links to the websites.

Venice Beach Fonte bikini from £30 Zalando

Tommy Hilfiger Estelle Halterneck £41.16 Amazon

Balmain Halterneck £217.25 The Outnet

Chloe scalloped bikini £156.74 The Outnet

Melissa Odabash £146 Selfridges

I couldn't possibly get away with a white bikini, and this year I am hoping to buy a new swimsuit rather than a bikini. Here is my favourite, currently on my wishlist:

Miu Miu Halterneck bikini £125
Don't forget there are some great sales on at the moment, so you can grab a great bikini bargain! Happy Shopping :)