Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kate Middleton's Style Gets Olympic Gold

Wow! We have been seeing a lot of Kate recently! London is buzzing, Great Britain has gone wild with excitement and Kate has been right at the heart of it all, experiencing the Olympic highs and lows. I have to say, despite not being a big sports enthusiast, I've become completely wrapped up in nearly every single event. While I know the Olympics isn't really about fashion, it doesn't mean it has to ignored completely.

As fashion editor Melanie Rickey pointed out, Lizzie Armistead's pearl earrings, which she wore to complete the 140km cycling road race, caused quite a stir, and Sanya Azealia went one better with interlocked Cs of Chanel for her ear adornment. Not only that, but Melanie pointed out that Sanya's most impressive fashion statement was her Banks-esque mermaid hair she wore very long and loose.I couldn't agree more.

All this leads me nicely on to Kate. I love how she has embraced Olympic fashion. For starters, there has been all the official Olympic gear, including red Adidas trainers!, and secondly there has been those pretty dresses, including the Stella McCartney dress worn for it's second outing, but lastly, it's all been very patriotic: red, white and blue.

Personally, I love Kate's casual style. In fact, I would go as far as saying it's probably when I think Kate looks her prettiest; it's just so natural. In particular, I love her casual look worn with her hair up. Don't get me wrong, her hair is to die for, but when she wears it up you can actually see her face properly; it just suits her.

My fav looks have been the stripey top, spotty top and white polo shirt with hair tied back.

A few of Kate's outfits have been accessible for us mere mortals, including the Zara blazer, but here are a few more inspirations for you in case you want some alternatives.

Glamorous top from HOF £12.50
LK Bennett Mac wedges £55

Mango red jacket £54.99

Twiggy jeggins from Marks and Spencer £25

Gap stiped crewneck top £24.95

Whistles Edie spotty top £55

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics, wherever you may be.

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