Sunday, 26 August 2012

Styling Kate Middleton: Drinks in a Swanky Bar, London

As promised, here is my second post on styling Kate.

For anyone who didn't read my post yesterday, I've decided to pretend to be Kate's stylist over this bank holiday weekend. I have an unlimited budget, and pretty much any thing goes. Please see yesterday's post for a more detailed description and to check out my post on styling Kate for a red carpet event/awards ceremony.

Today, I have decided to style Kate for a night out in a swanky London bar. I have also decided to do one for Pippa. Although they both share a similar style, when it comes to clothing, Pippa has a more French-feel about her style and she is a little more playful. But, you want be surprised to learn I have put one of the items as the same thing!

Look 1


Kate Middleton Style, inspired by Issa


I love this dress. It's fun, sexy, classy and definitely not trashy. The hem-line is perfect.  It's quite similar to the sequined black dress Kate is wearing in the picture, but it's a brighter and in a more youthful colour. I've kept the outfit modern by teaming with metallic accessories, but I have thought about Kate's wardrobe. The shoes aren't too dissimilar to the LK Bennett nude shoes, but they are more fun and add a touch of modern for a night out. The bag is glitzy, again similar to ones Kate has worn before, especially by Anya Hindmarch, but it can be worn as a handbag or a clutch.

Wear with:

Hair: Down, loose and tussled.
Make-up: Black eye-liner, bronze blusher, a natural-looking tan, and nude lips
Nails: French manicure
Jewellery: A fancy watch or silver bangle


Before becoming a member of the royal family, Kate was often seen in Boujis wearing some really fun outfits. I'm sure in her student days, she wore a few glitzy outfits for nights out, too. Also, for charity Kate has been known to wear some very funky sequined hot pants!!

Where to buy:

Dress: Diane von Furstenberg £1,130
Bag: Jimmy Choo £495
Shoes: Jimmy Choo £395

Look 2


Pippa Middleton Style inspired by Issa


I love Oscar De La Renta, they are one of my favourite designers, but it's a mega expensive brand. When I saw this dress, I instantly thought of Pippa, which is why I decided to include her in this post. It's perfect for Pippa: fun, frilly, waist-detailing, good length. The bag and shoes are modern, fun and playful, and they turn the outfit from evening wear to 'drinks in a swanky bar' wear.

Wear with:

Hair: down in loose tussles
Make-up: Black eye-liner, bronze blusher, a subtle brown lipstick, a natural-bronzed tan
Nails: Black nail polish
Jewellery: none, the bag is the main accessory


Pippa is fun and flirty, and this outfit definitely has these elements. It's got that je ne sais quoi that normally only the French can get away with. The lip handbag proves some youthfulness to quite a class frock, and it makes the whole outfit age-perfect for Pippa. I picked the same shoes as the ones I picked out for Kate's outfit - very much for the same reasons. This outfit has something very Sarah Jessica Parker about it, but I think on Pippa she can definitely get away with it and turn it into something very unique.

Where to buy:

Dress: Oscar De La Renta £2,950
Bag: Charlotte Olympia £345
Shoes: Jimmy Choo £395

Which outfit do you prefer? Who is most likely to wear the outfit? Don't forget to let me know your reactions!!!

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  1. I think the outfit you've chosen for Pippa would look Fabulous on her, minus the Lips Bag. She's not a child anymore. lol
    I don't like the Frock that you chose for Kate. It looks to me more like something that Pippa would wear, very colourful.
    I thnk Kate would wear the outfit you chose for Pipps though. The Shoes won't do for either of them, as they both walk a lot. Those shoes would be uncomfortable as they would feel like one was walking on the ground, barefoot. Not enough padding in those, I'm afraid. They would both need a shoe that provides more stability such as a bit of a hidden platform shoe.