Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pippa Inspiration

In October of last year, Pippa Middleton stepped out in beautiful long evening gown designed by Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset-Webb's Project D label. 

At the moment, we are in the between seasons. It's not quite spring and it's no longer winter, but the days can still be chilly, making picking and planning outfits very difficult. If you have a formal event to go to, a dress such as the one Pippa wore in October, is a perfect choice for this time of year. The floral print gives it a spring feel, while the full-length style will keep you warm when the temperature drops in the evening.

Temperley, the brand also favoured by Kate, has a similar design in stock at the moment and it's called the Long Rosine Dress. In my opinion, it's an even better design than the Project D one for this time of year, especially because of the shorter sleeves. The Rosine Print was hand painted by Alice Temperley and reproduced using digital print technology. The website explains how the dress 'has a full draped top and a fitted column skirt. The back has a low cowl and a tie at the nape of the neck. A fitted internal bodice can be worn buttoned to cover the bra or unfastened to reveal more of the back.' The dress isn't cheap at £1950, but it's worth the investment if you have a formal event and want to buy a dress you can wear for years to come.

The dress would look perfect paired with silver sandals and a silver clutch.

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