Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Personal Photos: The Diamond Jubilee Procession and Seeing Kate Middleton

*This blog may take a while to load: lots of pictures. Picture Copyright Sara Cywinski 2012.

I couldn't be more proud to be British at the moment. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee has been spectacular, patriotic and one long celebration for her majesty. The bank holiday weekend, for me, has been simply magical, fun-filled and busy. I wanted to share some of my photographs with you. Here is how my weekend went:

On Sunday I went along to the flotilla boat display on the river Thames. I live in Fulham, so I walked to and from the event. The crowd and atmosphere near where we stopped (the Chelsea Bridge) was electric - despite the weather. I didn't see much with my own eyes at this event, but I didn't care; simply being involved was enough for me. I did, however, manage to get - courtesy of my boyfriend - some fantastic shots of the boats, including the royal boat, on the Thames.

Monday I decided to stay at home and watch the concert from the comfort of my sofa. Some friends went along  to one of the main London parks to watch the concert on the big screen and I was very tempted to join them, but I knew that I needed to save my energy for the procession on Tuesday. I thought the concert was excellent, and I watched it from start to finish. For me the stand-out artists were: Tom Jones (doing it for the Welshies like me), Shirley Bassey, Alfie Boe, Elton John and Grace Jones (purely for her hola-hooping skills). Prince Charles's speech was such a lovely, and touching, end to the concert - followed by the firework display! After the concert - and all that excitement - it was bedtime for me for I had a very early start ahead of me.

At 5.30am on Tuesday my alarm went off: it was time to get up and get ready to head out to the Mall for the Queen's procession. I arrived at Green Park Station at 6.45am and waited for my friend to turn up. By 7.30am we had safely pitched up (with our chairs) on the Mall - right at the front of the fence with a perfect view. The pictures speak for themselves, but what I will say is: I will never in my lifetime forget the amazing day I had at the event. Seeing the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family, including the divine Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, on such an historic occasion was monumental. (It was such a shame Prince Philip was taken ill.)

Here is a snapshot of my weekend:


Eugenie, Beatrice and Andrew

Camilla, Charles and Harry

Kate and William

The Queen

The Queen


The Queen

The Queen

A hidden Queen

William and Kate

Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry

Prince Harry

Prince William

Prince William and Catherine

The Crowds on the Mall heading to the Palace

The Queen on the balcony

The Royal Family

Red Arrows


The end to a perfect day

Buckingham Palace

I hope you all had a wonderful Jubilee weekend, I'd love to hear your tales and what you spent the weekend doing.


  1. Looks amazing!

  2. Why are they bowing their heads in one of the pics?

  3. Hi, one of the heads of the military was stood on the opposite side of the road. A lot of people had been acknowledging him, so I think it was for that.