Sunday, 17 June 2012

Pippa Loves Modalu Bags and so does Kate (apparently)

There are a lot of sales on at the moment, and I am in the market for a new handbag. This got me thinking, I'd really like a bag that will last for years, won't be a fashion fad and will be an investment piece/wardrobe staple. Then, of course, I decided to reference the Middleton sisters. As with their fashion sense, both Kate and Pippa always opt for style, elegance and good quality. I started to do some searching online and asked my sister and niece for advice, too. We came to three conclusions, each a very good option, and if you are in the market for a handbag, too, take a look at three options below (all British designers).

 Inspired by the cool of the city and the craft of the countryside, Mulberry is known for this unique fashion duality.

Last year, my boyfriend went on holiday to NYC (my favourite place in the whole world) and didn't take me with him. As a 'sorry you couldn't come too' present he bought me a Mulberry 'Polly Push' purse, to my delight!!Even more to my delight, the shop assistant confirmed that Kate Middleton had this purse (as well as the handbag) in a different colour.

So, in my search for a new handbag, I could turn to Mulberry. Although Kate has been spotted sporting many different handbags, one of her most trusted brands is Mulberry, especially her 'Polly Push' bag. Unfortunately, 'Polly Push' is no longer available, but there are a few bags in the sale I love, including the 'Harriet' collection and 'Evelina' (see below). Prices range from £300 - £500 in the designs I like.

Harriet Tote
Evelina Hobo

An eclectic mix of influences combined with an incredible eye for detail ensures each Modalu bag is a stunning investment

We all know Pippa loves this brand, and it was my niece that brought this brand to my attention. Pippa loves the brand so much that they have a 'Pippa' bag in her honour - the one she has in many colours. It was also my niece that told me she was in a shop in Liverpool and picked up a blue bag, only to be told that Kate owns it. My guess is that she has the blue 'Pippa' bag...(tbc).

Modalu have a sale on at the moment, and quite a few of their 'Pippa' bags are in the sale (£195 reduced to £136.50). The colours in the sale include the powder blue, red and white (how patriotic!).


Smythson was granted a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in 1964. Other warrants followed: HRH The Prince of Wales in 1980, HM The Queen Mother in 1987, and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 2002. While holding the Queen Mother’s Warrant, Smythson was one of only eight companies in the world to hold all four Royal Warrants at the same time.
I'm not sure if Kate has a Smythson bag, but she has definitely got a couple of their products, including a notebook. I personally love, love, love their bags. They also have a great sale on at the moment, and my favourite bag the 'Emily'  shoulder bag has been reduced from £695 to £417. I think their 'Agatha' bag would really suit Kate, and I'd love to see her sport a Smythson bag. The 'Agatha' has been reduced from £700 to £420.


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  2. I am loving the Modalu and the Mulberry!!


  3. Hi Jo

    Thanks for your comment. I loved all the bags, and Kate does have great taste, but I went for the Emily Smythson bag in the end! I have been lusting after one for a while now...

    I like your YSL 'Muse' bag!

  4. Thanks Charlotte! Glad to see your blog is still going strong :)